Site Development

Site Design Services

We offer complete business solutions for buusinesses & individuals wishing to bring their business to the online world.

Our solution includes digital graphics, animation, web programming (HTML, PHP, ASP, PERL), database programming (Access, SQL, MySQL), internet marketing, storyboarding, tracking services and monthly status reports.

Graphics Design Services

Our graphics design services are second to none. Our design resources are qualified experienced artists that have the vision to bring your site look and feel to life. Our services usually include 2 to three designs from you to choose from.

Macromedia Flash can bring motion with interactivity to your online presence. We can develop applications/games using flash technology, Click here for an example of Macromedia Flash.

CSS Stylesheets

We use the latest developments in stylesheet technology. Using css stylesheets ensures a common formatting and look & freel throughout your site keeping in-page formatting requirements to a minimum.

CGI Development

Web Works Inc. develops custom Common Gateway Interface programs for www applications and forms. We develop CGI on Windows and UNIX operating systems in C, C++, VisualBasic, PhP,& Perl.

Secure Commerce

If Online Commerce is what you are interested in than we can provide you with a commerce solution. Using SSL Technology, we can provide you with an online store front introducing your products to a global market. Our store fronts include monthly status reports and automated credit card verification.

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