Over the years WebWorks Inc. has been involved in a number of innovative development projects that has allowed us to continually evolve internet solutions to meet client and exceed client expectations for their hosting solution. The following are some examples of the tools that are available and can be customized to meet your unique online presence and business needs.

Site Administration Services

For those clients that which to manage pages on their site, this tool allows the user to login to a secure site admin for web editing. The tools allows the user to edit the content as well as add or remove pages that are then dynamically linked to their site. WebWorks Inc. also will provide these services for those who do not wish to employ these tools. Maintenance services can be provided under a maintenance contract or per hour rates as the client requires the changes or edits to be made.

Document Management

If your organization is looking for a better solution for access and distribution company docuemnts from one computer to the other, WebWorks Inc. can develop the right document management applications for your needs whether it be across a LAN, WAN or the internet.

Business/Web Inventory Database

This tool arose from a disconnect between operational requirements for internal and Internet inventories. Maintaining inventory for commerce or product for web presentarion and a separate system being required for internal business needs is very combersome. To address this we have built an inexpensive fully customizeable database that resides at the clients business allowing the user maintain the inventory, generate reports and gather statistics locally and automatically update your online inventory. Learn more...

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