WebWorks Inc. offers a number of services to enhance your online presence development giving our clients the advantage of a "one stop shop" where all your Internet solutions are met and saves you the hassle of employing a number of different companys to complete your needs.

CGI Development

Custom Common Gateway Interface (CGI)programs for www applications and forms. We develop CGI for multiple platforms in multiple languages that is most conducive to your application environment.

WebWorks Project Management

With experience in the design, development and implementation of numerous internet solutions as well as numerous years in the IT Sector, WebWorks Inc. is able to help you need to successfully execute your IT project. Project Management services lets the client employ us to oversee and develop the solution from start to finish, on time and on budget. The WebWorks Project Management Planning Service includes key development documentation such as: Needs Assessment Plan, Project Plan, Project Schedule, Project Budget, Deployment Plan, Training Plan & Quality Plan. Along with these key documents and activities WebWorks Inc. will also manage any third parties that are required for the completion of your solution on your behalf.

Site Maintenance

Whether your site is hosted with us or not, we are able to provide you with maintenance services for your site and/or internet solutions. This can be accomplished through a negotiated contract by which monthly maintenance functions can be automatically carried out or on an ad-hoc basis for which an hourly rate can be negotiated and maintenance functions carried out upon approval.

Domain Registration

WebWorks Inc. will register and serve any unique domain for advanced solutions. We are capable of httpd redirection, e-mail forwarding, dns forwarding, an much more. We also have an exclusive sub-domain solution for you. If you do not wish to pay for a .com or .net domain, we have sub-domains available. Free of charge when you host with us! Your web site could be

Network Infrastructure Development

When it comes to network development, many companies experience frustration in understanding the requirements for a network deployment and how it fits within their buisness infrastructure. Even more frustration is experienced when fully deployed, your network is something different, overcomplicated, or over priced for the services you received. Assessing your needs and planning based on your immediate and future requirements is key. WebWorks Inc. can provide consulting services which will help you to identify the infrastructure you actually require and see it through to ensure you are getting the right solution with the best bang for the buck.

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