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In todays IT environment, employers have a hard time jusifying the inclusion of an IT or technical department to look after its IT needs when it does not justify a full-time job function. WebWorks Inc. is able to provide you with temporary or permanent employee services on a contractual basis. We will examine our resourse base and determine if we are able to meet your needs and assign you the most compatible resource. If we are unable to match a resource with your needs we will endevour to consult with you to find that resource.


If you are looking for employment in Internet solution development, WebWorks may have an opportunity for you. As an IT Solution Development company, we come across many employment opportunities requiring full-time, part-time and/or freelance requirements. In order for us to pass on the economical advantages mentioned on this site we endevour to maintain a high quality result and keep overhead to a minimum. This means you work in your own home or office or, if required, the clients site. If you are interested in becoming a WebWorks Resource, please email us your resume.

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